You Are What You Eat: The Diet for Healthy Skin

It is a long established fact that our bodies are made up of all the food we eat. You are what you eat. This means that whatever you eat will have an impact on your body, particularly on your skin. Think about it for a second. Have you ever had a big dinner and woke up in the morning to discover that you have grown pimples and acne in places that you did not even think possible? Or did you ever miss a certain kind of food for some time and when you went back to eating that food, you had breakouts all over your body.

We all have such stories to tell about how we have been changed, either for the good or the worst by the food that we eat. If you want to have good skin, it follows therefore that you must follow a perfect diet for healthy skin. A diet for healthy skin, just like many diets encourages you to eat certain foods and avoid others. It is also important to know the benefits or the disadvantages of eating specific foods in order to be motivated to stick to your diets.

Water Plays a Vital Role – 

First off, the skin makes a huge part of our bodies. Our bodies are 70% water. Whatever else is in the body functions because of the water we take? Drinking plenty of water leads to an insurmountable advantage for the health of your skin. It makes your skin more pliable and soft. It also encourages the take up of nutrients with help in the replenishing of dead cells. In our Staying Hydrated Article, we state that six glasses of water are what the skin needs for good health and if your skin does not get sufficient water, it turns dry, dull and loses a radiant complexion.

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The Type of Nutrients Your Skin Needs – 

There are certain nutrients or micronutrients that are found in the food that we eat which promotes the good health of our skins.

These nutrients are biotin, vitamin b7 for rejuvenation, malic acid for growth, potassium for moisture, papain enzyme for countering free radicals, bromelain for natural skin exfoliation from within and detoxifiers for clearer skin. There are many fruits that may give us the kind of nutrients we desire in order to get good skin. It is of utmost importance that you concentrate more on the food that will give you maximum results in the effort of dieting for healthy skin.

The next question to consider is what kinds of food you should take to make your skin glow. Fruits are the best foods that help the body with rejuvenation and nourishment. This is because they carry vital nutrients that are absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the skin which will then regenerate and reveal a smooth, healthy and youthful skin.



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A Few Of Our Favorite Foods –

It should be mentioned that dieting for a healthy skin is not about the fruit itself, it is about the micronutrients that the fruit contains which will aid in skin health. Avocadoes are known to have high amounts of biotin and b7 for maximum regrowth and rejuvenation. If you intend to lighten and tighten skin, a lemon is a better choice to add to the water you drink. Take a papaya to counter free radicals which have been scientifically proven to cause dull skin. The skin also needs anti-oxidants. These are available in the highest amount in pomegranate. Strawberries prevent wrinkle formation. Apples promote a youthful looking skin. Avoid eating fatty foods as these promote breakouts which will make your skin unpretty.

Caroline Frazer, one said, ‘healthy skin is the canvas for applying makeup to enhance natural beauty and create natural and healthy-looking skin’. This means that we all have the chance to have a naturally beautiful skin. The way to skin longevity starts with a good diet for healthy skin. If you practice eating right for your skin, you will have a perennial flow of skin health and you will really have to use makeup if any at all. Makeup should only be used in enhancing a beautiful skin that you have already gained by way of following a healthy diet for the good of your skin. You are never too old to become younger. It is never too late to get on a diet for healthy looking skin.

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