Black Beauty – The Unfair Advantages You Didn’t Know About Dark Skinned Women

John Ray once said, beauty is power. In the case of black skinned women, that is double power. From dark-skinned celebrities to women of colour on the streets, these beauties enjoy unfair advantages over their lighter skinned counterparts. In order to fully explore why dark skin has so much more resilience and long lasting glow, we should first explain the analogy of what is it that defines dark skins. We must first answer the question as to what caused some people to have genetically dark skin and others lighter.


The History of our Genes – Back to the Stone Ages

Science has explained that we all were dark-skinned, once upon a time. Think Stone Age! The reason why some people became lighter is that of genetic mutation. By definition, the genes in darker skinned people are still in the original tone of our forefathers, hence it still has all the natural resilience that all skins were designed to have. That resilience somewhat thinned out and faded as the other groups got their skins lighter through genetic mutation.


Laser Image Black Beauty Stone ages


Those with unchanged skin tones continue to enjoy the benefits of having a tone akin to that of the forefathers. The skins of the forefathers was a whole lot thicker than that which we see today. Right off the bat, the darker skins have a beauty advantage over lighter skins. Although dark-skinned women’s skins have also become a bit thinner, it still is a whole lot thicker than lighter skins.


Black Don’t Crack

Black skin has naturally occurring anti-aging properties. The advantage of the thicker skins can be seen in that darkly toned women seldom have opened pores and hardly ever get breakouts. Their thick skin is really still holding! When they say black don’t crack, it is because it is too thick to crack, really. This is because the process of aging involves the thinning of the top layer of the skin, darkening of the skin due to years of exposure to the sun and the development of wrinkles, through loss of moisture. The thick layer of the dark skins means that it is more resilient to sun rays, less prone to moisture loss and it snaps back from emotional facial expressions quite quickly and easily. See, it really is an unfair advantage!


Black Beauty Wins

Moving on to the cosmetics side of things, black beauty wins! To even discuss how well every colour of lipstick sits on the dark skin would be torture to others. Think of a small black dress! It seems to go well with every colour of shoes or purse you match it with. The same goes for dark skins. Black women can wear any shade of lipstick and still look good. When has Ophrah ever worn any colour of lipstick and we did not all want to get it? From all shades of reds, pinks and purples included, to white, blues and browns and even black, there is never a colour that does not sit well on her dark skin. After all, has been said, the best part of black beauty is that which no picture can ever express!


Laser Image Black Beauty WinsLaser Image Black Beauty Wins 2


When it comes to sustaining injuries, here too, black beauty comes tops! Darker skinned women recover quickly from injuries because of the resilience of their skins. Injuries come in various forms and intensities. This ranges from abrasions to deep cuts. Through all those injuries, the darker skinned women get their colour back quite fast. Think pimples and facial breakouts! Whereas lighter skinned people suffer more breakout and scarring on their face from the pimples, dark-skinned people hardly ever get that. The dark pigmentation makes their pores less open, hence fewer chances for breakouts. Moreover, if there ever is scarring as would be when one has pimples, the scars quickly disappears in black skins, a whole lot faster than in light skins.


Dark Skin Offers True Resilience

Now here is the real kicker; dark skins are less prone to illnesses.  Think skin cancers and dermatological problems! Thanks to the high amount of melanin, darker skinned people have a lesser chance of getting skin cancer. The big irony is that the sun rays is what is responsible for causing skin cancer. Darker skins absorb more sun, due to their dark pigment. You would be forgiven to think that those who absorb more sun rays will have a higher risk than those who absorb it less. As it turns out, black beauties are also spared this suffering. They get to enjoy the sun and hardly have to worry about skin cancers. So do we all agree, black is beautiful, yes?


Laser Image Dark Skin Offers True Reliance

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