Staying Hydrated: Drinking More Water for Clear Skin

At Laser Image Specialist‘s we vouch to say it can never be overstated of why we need to drink plenty of water for our health. The benefit of taking a lot of water goes beyond just helping in the operation of our vital organs. It is also important for the health of our skin. If you want to have a beautiful and radiant skin, a good starting point is to drink plenty of water. There are certain direct advantages you can gain by staying hydrated and drinking more water for clearer skin.

Sweat More! – 

Hydration is the first benefit that comes with drinking a lot of water. Our bodies lose a lot of water during the day and that water needs to be replenished. It is also important to mention that a lot of water is lost via the skin through sweating. The sweating itself is a very good natural process whereby toxins from underneath the skin come out to the top and you are able to wash them off for a clearer skin. Sweating also promotes cell regeneration and the removal of dead skin cells which are the major cause of dull skin and ultimately the creation of wrinkles. A plum skin which is well hydrated is less prone to the creation of wrinkles. In this way, staying hydrated also helps maintain youthful glowing skin.

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Your Skin and Your Body – 

The Institute of Medicine has stated that we need to take six glasses of water every day. This means that you need up to two litres of water for the entire body to function well. Another such bodily function is the maintenance of the skin, which serves the very important role in covering your body. Think about it for a second, if you did not have skin, how else would you be able to cover and protect veins and flesh? There really is no substitute for skin. Since you are going to be living in this body for the rest of your life and since the skin will always be there to cover the body, you might as well do so in your best skin ever!.

Drinking water ensures that the skin remains replenished in order to be pliable and allow for the different changes in the body that happen as we go through life.


Being Hydrated, The Efficient Way For Skin Protection – 

Laser Image Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated by drinking more water also has medicinal benefits for the skin. As it turns out, most dermatologist’s will tell

you that most skin diseases stem from the lack of moisture or hydration to the skin. Dr Ronni Wolf is one such dermatologist. Diseases like eczema and psoriasis can be relieved by increasing the amount of water that the sufferer takes. This is because they are both diseases which manifest by showing dry skin. Staying hydrated is a cheap and easy way of avoiding and even alleviating the conditions brought about by excessively dry skin.

Drinking plenty of water helps alleviate skin problems such as skin irritations. These may come about as a result of the environment around us such as allergens and also being exposed to extreme conditions such as sunburn. It is the amount of water in the skin that helps it to bounce back to its normal everyday condition. If the skin is left un-hydrated after being exposed to severe conditions, it may be permanently damaged and need expensive treatments which could have easily been avoided by keeping hydrated.

Let’s Not Forget Skin Density! –

Drinking more water for clearer skin leads in the reduction of skin density. A thinner skin density is what you need in order for the skin to retain moisture. It is the moisture in the skin that makes it glow and look radiant and youthful. According to our friend Dr Kaplan, there is a direct link between the amount of water we take, long-term and the density of the skin. He even went on to suggest that one should increase the amount of water we take in order to decrease skin density, make the skin retain moisture and improve the glow of the skin.


Be Committed –

Good skin requires commitment. You cannot take your recommended 6 glasses of water for just one day and expect your skin to start glowing. You have to be consistent in the increased intake of water for hydration and encouraging a clearer skin. The best way to maintain the commitment to beautiful skin is to develop a routine that will mean you take your recommended daily allowance of water without even thinking much about it. For every toilet trip you take, always come back and have a glass of water. In that way, you will take 6 glasses of water without even thinking about it.

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