Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Image Specialist

Fine lines, discoloration, pigmentation, Acne scars, scar revision, large pores, broken blood vessels, vascular veins, and age spots. Laser removes them all, using microscopic beams of light that seek out these ailments, to correct these skin issues.

Create a youthful beautiful skin rejuvenation and skin whitening treatments and allows a faster, safe and efficient treatment of dark skin types. Skin Whitening with destroys the melanin in the skin which leads to a reduction of pigments and a whitening of the skin.

In addition – the skin appears more even in color, pore size and wrinkles can be reduced. The integrated skin cooling system and the homogeneity of the spot minimize the risk of side effects and ensure a comfortable treatment.

Before & After Results


circle-01-128Reduces Pigmentation
circle-01-128Refines fine lines & wrinkles
circle-01-128Improves the texture of the Skin
circle-01-128Evens out Skin Complexion
circle-01-128Detoxifying and re-balancing
circle-01-128Increase cellular renewal
circle-01-128Brighten complexion
circle-01-128Youthful younger complexion