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What is a Radio Frequency Neck & Chin Lift?

As we age, our face and neck become susceptible to sagging skin, excess fat and loosening of the muscles. Generally, a Neck & Chin Lift is incorporated into a Face Lift procedure as neck sagging is usually accompanied by sagging of the jowls or skin over the lower jaw, and the correct way to this requires a combination of a neck lift and lower facelift.

If you think your neck makes you look older than you feel, or you feel you have a ‘turkey neck’, Laser Image Specialists can offer our neck & chin, cosmetic non-surgical procedures, such as a radio frequency neck lift or neck liposculpture to restore a youthful appearance to this area.

As with all our patients, no two people present with the same problem, and therefore no two people ever require the same solution. Laser Image Specialists will help determine if just a neck or chin liposculpture alone is correct for you.

How We Do It?

Our Neck & Chin Lift procedure can incorporate tightening of loose, sagging skin and muscles in conjunction with radio frequency, Liposculpture of the neck, chin, jaw, face and sometimes the chest without the hassle of surgery downtime and extreme medical cost.

Access fat and loss skin removed by radio frequency liposculpture will leave your neck, chin, jaw & face tighter, smooth and youthful.

Results are visible straight after the procedure. because no surgery is involved, you are saving on extreme medical cost and downtime and potential of scar tissue. Any bruising will resolve in days.

Laser Image Specialists may recommend combining our Neck & Chin lift or Neck Liposuction with a Face Lift or non-surgical skin rejuvenation, such as our laser resurfacing treatment to smooth out wrinkles in and remove brown age spots for optimum results to your neck, jawline and skin.


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Neck & Chin Lift