Coconut Oil – The Natural Alternative to Beauty Benefits


It seems that everyone it’s just starting to see the benefits of using coconut oil. It’s not just an amazing product used for tossing up light and tasty meals in the kitchen… Experts and natural beauty devotees swear by this vitamin E and K-rich oil being a natural alternative to a list of beauty benefits, are they onto something?

Using it in your everyday regimen can make coconut oil your go to for a list of natural beauty benefits. This includes being an effective hair conditioner, skin moisturiser, protecting your skin from aging, and it can even be used as a make-up remover… To top it all off, it smells like cookies 🙂


Coconut Oil – The Natural Alternative For a Better Hair Conditioning Solution


Your hair can benefit greatly from the use of coconut oil, being able to defeat dandruff, stimulate faster hair growth, moisturize and detangle, we recommended you try this alternative next time you’re in the bathroom.

A study published in the Journal of “Cosmetic Science” found that coconut oil penetrated a person’s hair follicle better than your average hair conditioners.

The fatty acids in coconut oil nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair. Use it as a leave in option for treatment to repair split ends and to add that healthy shine.

What we are trying to say Is ditch your conditions because there is a more natural and effective way for soft and silky hair.

Laser Image Specialist has put together a step by step guide we have put together to effectively use coconut oil for your hair.


1. The first step is to tell you that the longer you leave it in.. the more effective it will be, we recommend at least 30minuites to a few hours.

2. Wet or if you want, shampoo your hair, make sure that’s your hair is damp before applying.

3. Materials: You will need two bowls for this treatment, both being different sizes so that one can fit inside the other. Of course, a comb so you can spread the contents of the oil throughout your hair, a small towel or a shower cap to put on after. Oh, and let’s not forget the main ingredient – The Coconut oil.

4. Take a small amount of the coconut oil and place it into your smaller bowl, after this place the bowl inside the larger one.

5. Pour hot water into the larger bowl – This is to melt the coconut oil in the smaller bowl.

6. Once the coconut oil has melted, use your fingers to massage the oil into your hair and scalp and use the comb or hair pick to work it through.

7. This is where your towel or shower cap becomes handy! Wrap it around your head after you have applied and let it sink in for thirty minutes or longer, remember the longer the better

If you need deep restoration, leave coconut oil in your hair overnight to get the maximum benefits before shampooing it out. 🙂

8. After your happy with the amount of time leaving it in, you can now wash the oil out, enjoy 🙂

Coconut Oil A Natural Alternative For a Makeup Remover.


On top of being an effective conditioning solution, coconut oil can be an effective and inexpensive makeup remover, I’m sure many of you have struggled to take your make up off, having the thought that it could cause breakouts if it isn’t removed before bedtime. General make up removers can damage the skin, which is why coconut oil is the perfect alternative.

Just melt a small amount between your hands, spread it across your face, leave it on for a while then gently remove it with cotton pads.

Before giving this a try we would say that if an oily textured cream makes you cringe and your face is already on the “oily” side then this option may not be for you. However, this solution is perfect for the dry or “in-between” skin type. Expect softer skin and a hassle-free process that works wonders!

Women Using Coconut Oil to Remove MakeupCoconut Oil Make up Remover

Coconut Oil – A Natural Alternative to reduce facial wrinkles

Being wrinkle-free is always a common issue amongst us ladies and even men.

Coconut oil has been found to have a positive antioxidant action in the body, It contains a lot of vitamin E which enhances the skin. In term, this natural miracle can preserve the smoothness in your face fighting off fine lines resulting in the face always looking youthful.

Another fact is which we see Collagen, which is known as a structural protein in the inner layers of our skin is what keeps our skin elastic when we lose collagen, our skin loses elasticity which results in wrinkles being formed.

We often see collagen breaking down from a number of factors being from smoking.

Research has been found that coconut oil has the ability to repair your collagen layer. The triglycerides in its oil attract protein molecules which penetrate deep into the skin.

Coconut Oil Anti Aging

Coconut Oil – A Natural Alternative to preventing premature ageing.


Premature aging has become a common factor due to our busy lives, they say the main three causes are from smoking and extensive exposure from our suns UV rays and stress. It goes without saying that our facial skin needs protection from our environment at all times.

Our last subject about the coconut oil is being able to protect you from anti-aging…

Leading on from our above point “It prevents fine lines” – Coconut in term if applied a thin layer to your face as a moisturizer can act as a physical barrier to the environments pollutants. Promoting the formation of collagen production, the oil has an antioxidant action that reduces oxidative damage while sealing in the skin’s moisture.

To find out how you can use this jar of miracles for more of your beauty essentials – Check our video below by @iamvanessae