Laser Hair Removal

With laser hair reduction, just a few simple treatments is all it takes to permanently minimise hair growth, revealing clear and silky skin. 

There are two types of laser hair removal out on the market. While both reduce hair growth the difference is the type of light used. Laser is a focused light and reaches a specified depth. IPL is able to target multiple levels where hair follicles may be present. IPL is a broad-­spectrum light that covers a larger area of hair in a shorter time and as a bonus has rejuvenating properties for your skin the secret lies in the laser technology that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming surrounding skin. It’s a simple approach to permanent hair reduction that’s fast, easy and operated by one of our laser specialists.

Before & After Results


circle-01-128Painless and quicker hair removal
circle-01-128Smooth silky skin
circle-01-128Procedures can be performed any part of the body.