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The laser hair removal treatment promises to be the one final solution to the question of bushy pubes and plucky legs. The process of laser hair removal involves destroying hair follicles by converting light into heat and killing off stem cells in follicles or specifically selected chromophores on the skin. Before we get on the horse of shaving and waxing freedom and run off into the sunset, there are a few considerations to be made when deciding whether or not laser hair removal is the right treatment for you.

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How It All Started – 

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First off, it should be mentioned that the laser hair removal treatment is one of the most recent developments in the beauty and dermatology industry. It was first employed as a technique for medicinal purposes at the Massachusetts general hospital in 1998. Its success in the dermatological arena enabled to it be promoted to the use of beauty treatments too. By the year 1997, it had been admitted by the US Food and drug association as being safe for dermatological and personal safety. This all sounds well and good, especially because it means less work in the bathroom trying to get ready for that little black dress and stilettos, right? Wrong!

Shave Prior To Your Treatment – 

Here are a few painful facts to curb your laser treatment enthusiasm. First off, even though laser hair removal is supposed to relieve you from the tedious routine of shaving or waxing, the shaving still needs to be done,  just before the laser treatment is administered, we would recommend 48 hours as a safe fall. This is because it is easier that way to get to the hair follicle and the stem cells which need to be deactivated to avoid regrowth.

Avoid Tanning – 

Like most of us we love the sun and try to take it all in when we can, but prior to your Laser Hair Removal session, we can stress enough that being sunburned or even bit tanned will not help the treatment at all. Sunburn as most of us know can be quite painful and make your skin sensitive to heat, you may have experienced this when trying to have a shower then screaming for the aloe vera lotion shortly after. If the area you’re wanting to get lasered is sunburned then we may have to reschedule your session as the heat from the laser may be too uncomfortable for some and may cause damage to the skin.


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Budget Your Self – 

What of the dent will it make to your pocket? The laser hair removal, just like many other dermatological and laser treatments, it does not come cheap at all. Depending on where in the world you will be receiving your treatment, fees can run from the hundreds well into the thousands. Moreover, it is not just a single visit to the dermatologist or skin clinic once and you are done. Such treatment needs maintenance. Even though you do not have to go to the beautiful house as often as you would shaving, you still have to go for your maintenances treatment once so often. Laser Hair Removal is generally sold in packages tailored to the individual on how many sessions they will need.

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The Result of Smoother & Clearer Skin With No Ingrowns – 

Well, it is not all gloom and doom for those of us who are still considering taking up this quantum leap in the health and beauty spree to get our hair follicles laser removed. The best advantage of them all is that you never get ingrown hairs with laser hair removal. This is because shaving pushes the hair follicle back and as it curls back, it becomes ingrown. You get none of that when dealing with a laser hair removal treatment. Moreover, this kind of beauty treatment is suitable for everyone. It does not matter the tome of your skin or the colour of your hair. It works on thick hairs just like it does on thin hair. It goes without saying therefore that after the laser hair removal treatment, you will have much smoother, clearer skin for longer than you would if you had simply shaved or waxed your skin. In that way, laser hair removal is a massive time saver!

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An Evaluation Will Be Needed – 

A few words of advice to those who may be considering this modern science in the health and beauty sphere. First off, you need to have an evaluation with the skin therapist or dermatologist to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the lubricants they apply to the skin before running the laser. The dermatologist must also determine if your skin is not too thin that it may break from the laser treatment, such as would be the case to persons with severe skin conditions. Prepare a generous budget for your laser hair removal treatment as it can be quite pricey, brave the sharp but short pain and overall, be patient. After all, you deserve great skin!

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