Laser Hair Removal for Men; A Growing Trend

Gone are the days when men would spend more hours in front of the mirror each morning than women, because of trying to shave their ever-growing stub, and for fear of being previewed as being uncleanly shaven. Nowadays we have clever inventions such as the laser hair treatment for men, and this is a growing trend. More and more men are getting onto the laser hair removal bandwagon because of a wide array of advantages it promises to those who are interested in this kind of advancement in men’s grooming techniques.

The Era of the Metrosexual Man – 

First off, one would want to know, what kind of man would want to go for a laser hair removal, and skip the daily ritual which has been part of the morning routine of their fathers and their fathers before them. It is easy to understand why this new phenomenon is such a heat with the kind of men drawn to it. We live in the era of the metrosexual man. A man who takes care of the way that he looks, at least more than the average man. Secondly, we live in an age where everyone is hard pressed for time, especially in the mornings.

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If there is a way to skip all the mundane morning tasks, why would anyone really not want to? Lastly, there has been an overemphasis on the issue of hygiene for men, which before was the domain of women. With the rise of everyday healthcare doctors, such as Dr Oz, every man wants to ensure that he is not at risk to contact those funny nasty skin diseases that one can have if they do not shave every day or at least do it the proper way. Who is to say what the proper way is, really? The best thing to do is to skip the ritual altogether,

Society’s Thought on This Subject? – 

So, what are the opinions of society regarding this matter? Well, there are two schools of thoughts really. The first one, advocates that it is important for men not be so modernised that they lose the very essence of what makes them men. Think of the old spice advert. It sought to advocate for the modern man who really cares about the way that he looks and feels but also has not lost touch with the things that make him a man, such as having chivalry. Horse riding, bragging about his material possessions and the like. Then there is the other school of thought. For the purposes of this discussion, we shall call that the ‘I am still a man, even without the hair’ school of thought.

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Much debate has been held as to what really makes a man. Questions have been asked as to whether a man is a man because he grows hair in places that women do not? This questions challenges, head on, sexual social standards and the reason as to why any man would object to having a laser treatment to rid himself of unwanted hair, especially if it means that he foregoes a chore that he must do for the rest of his life. Nowadays, there is more emphasis that men should spend more time to add value to society and to the quality of their own lives, rather than in front of the mirror. Ironically, it is the very mirror that gives a man the feeling that He indeed is a man because he does what all men do, including what his father and his father before him did.

Laser Hair Removal to Modernise the way Men Groom Themselves – 

In conclusion, it must be said that laser hair removal for man is here to enhance and modernise the way men groom themselves and it does not take away anything from them being men. More and more men are following that trend, a trend which has been set by sportsman, actors, musicians and lifestyle celebrities. Men’s laser hair removal is a fashion statement. It is a sense of style. It is how the modern man sets himself apart from the everyday man and miles away from the caveman. Personal hygiene and skin health are as important to the male species as it is to the female. It is here to stay and it is available to every man who wants to take the quantum leap in personal hygiene and grooming. Over and above all, it is open and available to everyone regardless of skin tone and hair thickness!

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