Face mask 101; A Complete Guide On How Often You Should Use a Face Mask

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It is a well-established beauty treatment rule that face masks are an important part of your beauty regimen. What remains to be answered is how often you should use them and what benefits come from the use of a face mask. To answer those questions, we must look at the very definition of what a face mask is and thereafter we will be better positioned to answer other questions relating to the use of face masks. Simply put, a face mask is a beauty treatment whereby a combination of ingredients is blended together to form a thick paste, which is then applied to the face, for a short while.


A combination of uses & skin types

In order to determine how often one should use a face mask, we should look at why they are using the mask. There are as many different uses as there are face masks. Uses of facemasks range from toning, moisturising, cleansing, sealing off pores, purifying, soothing and even exfoliating the skin. The first step to take therefore is to determine what you want to use the face mask for. That will guide the decision as to how often your face needs that kind of treatment in order for you to see results. In this determination, you should also bear in mind that the skin can be very delicate and hence very prone to damage.

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“In the event that you intend to use a mask in order

to hydrate the face, you should first know your skin type”.

Those of us with dry skins tend to need to moisturise more often than others. A moisturising mask can be used every day or once every other day. This is the best way to effectively deliver the much-needed moisture to the skin. While engaging in this beauty regimen, you should also monitor how well your skin is responding to the treatment. See if the skin is becoming suppler or if there is no difference. That will inform your decision as to whether or not you need to increase or reduce the treatments.

When it comes to masking for deep cleansing and exfoliating, again here the skin type should inform your decision. In case you have very oily skin, you may want to cleanse every day. This is because the skin can trap oil and other impurities which may lead to breakouts and skin damage. In the case where you see that the skin is dulling and you want to make it look more vibrant, you may consider cleansing only twice a week. According to discovergoodnutrition.com, most people who cleanse to remove impurities find that it feels like a detox of the skin. Any good detox should be used sparingly and with caution.


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A facial mask is sometimes used to soothe the skin. This means that it is used for relief purposes when the skin has an irritation. The irritation can be due to a wide variety of reasons. These range from sun damage to reaction to medication and allergies. A soothing mask should only be used at the time of the irritation, and not on any random day. It is important to ensure that the mask you are using has the after-sun protection or anti-allergy component that your skin is yearning for. This will ensure that when you take off the mask, the skin will have been soothed and you will feel the relief. Avoid using this kind of mask, if there is no skin irritation


How we love the relaxation

The most common reason why most women love facial masks is that of the therapeutic nature of the mask. This kind of mask is loosely called a facial. Everybody loves a good pamper. The application of a facial mask for therapeutic reasons involves a good facial massage. A facial massage relaxes the facial muscles and tissues. This is sure to make the face and the entire body feel good! It also helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Even though this feels good, it should not be done more than once a week. This is because you want your facial muscles to be relaxed, but you also want them to maintain a level of muscle tone that enables you to have a full facial expression.

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The best ingredients are your home ingredients 

It must be mentioned though, the best facial masks are those made in your own kitchen using everyday raw ingredients and some essential oils. This is because the household ingredients are not harmful to skin and often have far better properties than those masks bought over the counter. After all, the reason why you embark on doing a facial or wearing a facial mask is to help your skin to look its best!



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