Eye Lift

Wrinkles in the forehead or between the eyebrows develop as part of the ageing process can leave your eyes looking droopy, making you appear older and giving you a worried, angry or tired expression. A BrowLift or Forehead Lift Radio frequency procedure from Total image can help reduce the creases in your forehead including the vertical lines between your eyebrows, improve your frown lines and elevate drooping eyelids, giving you a more refreshed, youthful look. A Brow Lift will raise your eyebrows, often restoring them to a more youthful position. Total image international is a specialist in radio frequency Brow Lift procedures and will assess your unique needs. she may recommend that the procedure be the performed in conjunction with lower eye lift radio frequency procedure to remove wrinkles, Puffiness and loose skin to give you youthfull refresh complexion.

A Brow Lift helps take away that tired, heavy look that so many people develop. In addition, after procedure, patients become aware of how much they were using their forehead muscles constantly to compensate, and experience a significant difference when this is corrected. The results is a more energised and relaxed look.

Before & After