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About Our Eye & Brow Lift Procedure

One of the treatments inside our Radio Frequency non-surgical facelift procedures is the Eye & Browlift.

Wrinkles in the forehead or between the eyebrows develop as part of the ageing process and can leave your eyes looking droopy, making you appear older and giving you a worried, angry or tired expression.

A Brow Lift helps take away that tired, heavy look that so many people develop.

Why our Eye & Brow lift procedure?

A Brow lift or Forehead Lift from Laser Image Specialists can help reduce the creases in your forehead including the vertical lines between your eyebrows, improve your frown lines and elevate drooping eyelids, giving you a more refreshed, youthful look.

This procedure will raise your eyebrows, often restoring them to a more youthful and centric position.

In addition, after the procedure, patients become aware of how much they were using their forehead muscles constantly to compensate and experience a significant difference when this is corrected.

We are specialists in radio frequency treatments and one of our specialists and will assess you on what actions we need to take as everyone’s facial condition will be different.

The second part of this procedure is the eye lift, we often perform this procedure in conjunction with the above eyebrow/forehead lift.

There are many factors that come with the skin ageing around your eye.

  • Thinning Skin: As you age, the skin around your eye will become crinkly and prone to fine lines become visible, this is because of your collagen breakdown exceeding your collagen production, which entails a thinner epidermis. Your dermis is what gives you sustenance and thickness to your skin.
  • Loss of Elasticity: Elastin production also slows down, this results in your eyelids losing elasticity and starting to droop over time.
  • Dynamic Creases/Crows Feet: This is caused by repetitive movements like squinting causing creases in the skin’s top layer, the epidermis.
  • Folds from Loss of Volume: Underlying support is lessened due to loss of fat and bone which results in sagging skin and hollows

This Radio Frequency procedure is used to combat all the above symptoms to fully rejuvenate this area bringing your youthful appearance. We tend to pair this procedure because it compliments your eyebrow & forehead lift.


  • A more energised and relaxed look
  • Thicken and tighten the skin under the eyes
  • Tighten and reduce wrinkles around the forehead
  • Remove droopy or tied looking eye or under eyes
  • Say bye to crows feet & dynamic creases.
  • Restore Elasticity in your eyelids
  • Collagen renewal to this targeted area.

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Eye & Brow Lift