About Us

Laser Image Specialist

Who We Are

Laser Image Specialist is a high-end correction clinic located in Perth. Proven for our quality & performance, giving each client a specialized and tailored treatment. Our aim is to provide results for any skin issue with our motto “Your Skin Deserves It”. Our unique skin treatments are designed to dramatically improve skin texture and tone, improving any visible imperfections and the course of the skin elements, guaranteed to leave your skin looking radiant and rejuvenated.

Why Us

Operating for almost 5 years now, we provide our practical experience with the best technology to cater tailored solutions for a range of skin conditions including age spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, melisma, vein removal, to the reduction of scarring. We believe that everyone deserves luminous skin, so your treatment begins with a thorough consultation with one of our skin specialists, who will listen and assess your skin before advising on the best and most affordable treatment. Laser Image has won awards for performance and value for money.


We know that every person’s skin is different which is why we take the time out to explain your options, what to expect and tailor our treatments to that individuals needs making sure our clients truly confident in their skin after visiting us. Laser image does everything we can to make sure our clients are comfortable and seeing results after their treatments.

Now that you know a bit more about us, tell us about yourself, are you suffering from any skin conditions or imperfections, or think your skin could just use a boost?

Pick up that phone and give us a call or visit our Contact us page and shoot us a message 🙂

A free consultation is offered to everyone, so why not, – Your skin deserves it 🙂